We can offer the complete range of Parker integrated hydraulic valves which include Denison, Towler and Hydraulic Ring. Please click on the relevant section for further information.

Integrated Hydraulics

We can also supply most other major hydraulic manufacturers at competitive prices including Vickers, Bosch Rexroth, Sun Hyds, etc. Please use our enquiry form or call for a quick response.



Hydraulic Directional Control Valves (seated valves,spool valves, direct & pilot operated)

Hydraulic Proportional Directional Control Valves (standard & high dynamics)

Hydraulic Pressure Valves (subplate & screw-in mounting)

Hydraulic Flow Valves (throttle & flow control valves, subplate & screw-in mounting)

Hydraulic Check Valves (direct & pilot operated, subplate & screw-in mounting)

Hydraulic Sandwich Valves (for pressure, check & flow functions)

Hydraulic Slip-In Cartridge Valves (according to ISO7368, with pressure, check, directional & flow functions)

SAE Flange Valves (for pressure, directional, check & flow functions)

Hydraulic Valves for Pipe Mounting (with pressure, directional, check & flow functions)

Electronics (amplifiers, axis controllers & accessories)

Hydraulic Accessories (subplates, pressure gauge valves, pressure switches & pressure intensifiers)